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Fantastically versatile project. Use it as a PA amplifier, phono amplifier, an intercom system or as a listening device from 9 to 20 VDC.

PLAN19000 - 2 Watt Audio Amplifier ... $12.95


In order to recreate sounds, a speaker system must pump a lot of air. Ordinary speakers are very inefficient air pumps and therefore the response range is limited. OUR speaker design was engineered as a good air pump. Provides response from almost 0 HZ to 25000 HZ. Compare that to those expensive over-priced commercial units. Can be driven with just a few watts and exhibits output powers challenging the biggest 500 watt speaker systems. Ideal for small rooms or the biggest halls.

PLAN19001 ....................................... $12.95


This 45 page manual and catalog contains plans, specifications and parts lists for the construction of 14 professional sounding speaker systems including: mini speaker system, 8" 2-way speaker, 10" 3-way system, 12" 3-way system, 15" 3-way system, column speakers, musical instrument speakers, PA speakers, auto speaker enclosures, mini-cube speakers, sub-woofers, stage monitors, etc. Also includes MATCO'S ELECTRONICS SPEAKER and accessory catalog to help the home builder construct all his own speaker projects.

PLAN19003 ................................... $12.95

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