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BattleKits - Competition Combat Robot Kits

We are proud to add BattleKits Competition Combat Robotic Kits to our growing line of specialty products for robotics.  BattleKits' AmpFlow Controllers and Motors have set a high standard and they have designed the BattleKits to meet the same high level of performance.

Battle Kits are designed along the lines of the most successful combat robot ever: BioHazard. We started with some of the key features in BioHazard and developed four rugged, low-profile, high-performance, mobile platforms on which you can build the next killer robot!

Three different BattleKits for four different weight classes!

Light Weight
(60 pound class)

Middle Weight
(120 or 220 pounds)

Heavy Weight
(220 or 340 pounds)

  • BattleKits feature:
    Heavy-duty frames
    Light-weight base plates and bulkheads
    Complete drive trains
    Built-in battery, motor, and speed controller mounting
    Custom wheels
  • Optional components include:
    Speed controllers
  • BattleKits DO NOT include:
    Armor (except feather weight)

The above combination of features results in a kit that will save you countless hours and hundreds, (or even thousands), of dollars. Our kits are designed by the same person who designed and built BioHazard: Carlo Bertocchini. We started with some of the key features in the design of BioHazard and improved upon them in several ways.



"Kit" might not be the best word to describe BattleKits. They are shipped fully assembled, (except for electrical connections), so that you can go right to work adding your finishing touches. Leaving the armor and weapon up to you preserves maximum versatility and flexibility and it requires you to use your creativity to come up with a winning design. We did not want to create a situation where several identical robots show up at a competition. We would rather provide a rugged, low-profile, mobile platform on which you can build the next killer robot.



BattleKits goal is "battle worthy" construction. One of the keys to BioHazard's success is a bulletproof drive train that is completely housed in a square aluminum extruded tube.  The one-piece extrusion (one each for the left and right drive trains), is precision CNC machined with mounting holes for all the sprockets, wheels, and motors. Each drive component is supported on both sides of the 3" x 3" square aluminum tubing to avoid "overhung" loads. The tubing is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The feather and light weight robots have frame tubes with 1/4" wall thickness and the middle and heavy weights have tubing with 3/8" wall thickness that is custom-made. BioHazard, (a heavy weight robot), uses 1/4" tubing but BattlKit offers an even stronger drivetrain to stand up to your most destructive opponents.


Drive Module

Drive modules: include a separate two-stage speed reducer for each wheel. All the drive chains are continuous loops with no connecting links. Eliminating the connecting links increases chain strength by almost 30%. BioHazard uses #25 chain, BattleKits wanted the drive train to be extra-strong so all kits feature #35 chain. The sprockets, shafts, and axles are custom-made from 5140 Chromoly steel. Two different sets of sprockets are available so you have your choice of medium-fast or very fast, (details below). One of our powerful Motors mounts on each drive module and is plenty strong for any ordinary robot. Our middle and heavyweight drive modules also have mounting provisions for a second set of motors if you are looking for truly extraordinary acceleration.

Wheel Assembly

The Wheel Assembly: is made from the popular 4" Colson Performa tire. These are machined and mated to custom hubs, bearings, and 19-tooth Chromoly sprockets. This combination weighs in at just 1.1 pounds - including the drive sprocket! This is the lowest-cost and lightest wheel/sprocket combination available. These wheels are included in all kits but you can also order them separately. Visit our wheels section for more details.

Base Plates

The Base Plates Bulkheads: are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The base plates are drilled and countersunk with all the mounting holes for the bulkheads, drive modules, speed controller, and several different sizes and types of batteries. All components are CNC computer machined to tight tolerances for maximum consistency and lowest cost.  One of the key features of BattleKits is that they are held together entirely with screws. Using screws instead of welding makes it easy to replace damaged parts. The heavyweight base plate has over 90 screw holes! The thickness of the base plates ranges from .156" for the heavy weight, down to .094" for the feather weight. Bolting the bulkheads and the drive modules to the base plate results in a very stiff structure. You can easily drill and tap holes in the drive modules to mount your armor and weapon or you can bolt items directly onto the base plate, (we suggest mounting armor to the strongest part of the assembly - the drive modules).  BattleKits improved on the design of BioHazard by making sure that none of the sprockets hang below the bottom surface of the drive modules - not even the sprockets on the wheels. This saves the cost of making custom chain guards like BioHazard uses. The screws are all countersunk on the underside so nothing protrudes from the smooth surface of the base plate except the rubber part of the wheels.


Battery Options and Mounting: There are four different battery options, some of which are also available separately. Choose from Hawker AGM lead-acid or lightweight nickel metal hydride. The batteries are held in place with steel mounting hardware that is bolted to the base plate. The base plates have been pre-drilled and countersunk for the hardware for each type of battery and for every optional battery location. 2" wide Velcro strapping hold the batteries down onto the base plate. This combination of steel and Velcro makes for a very secure and low-cost mount while making it easy to remove the batteries for recharging or maintenance between rounds. Visit our batteries section for more details.

Tip Resistance

Tip Resistance: The wheels are positioned so that they stick out from the frame towards the front and the rear. This allows the robot to be tipped up onto its front or rear and still maintain contact between the drive wheels and the floor. This can get you out of trouble if your opponent is a wedge or a flipper. You can decide to keep this feature or cover the wheels with armor. The wheels are also positioned as close to the sides of the frame as possible so that even sideways tips will still have to be pretty extreme before the frame comes in contact with the floor. Another of BioHazard's key features is the low profile. The highest point on any of our kits (the bulkheads) is just 4.4 inches from the floor. This allows you plenty of room to build your weaponry on top of the kit's mobile platform without creating a robot that is unreasonably tall. A low center of gravity also makes it very difficult for your opponent to tip you over.

Other than the front armor on the feather weight, the only steel components in our kits are the sprockets, the axles, and small hardware. Everything else is made from aluminum. We kept our part of the 'bot light so that you would have the maximum amount of weight to use for your weapon, armor, and any other customization. The following chart lists the size and weight of each basic kit along with the weight of the kits with our motors, batteries, and speed controllers installed. Note that the kits can be configured with many different motor and battery combinations. The combinations used in the chart are just examples.

BattleKit Class
Basic Kit
Full Kit
Light 60 17.7 15.6 20.9 32.5 27.5
Middle 120 22.4 21.3 29.9 70.0 50
Heavy 220 29.9 24.0 43.0 89.0 131

The "Full Kits" in the above chart include the following components:

BattleKit Motors (2 of each) Batteries Speed Controller
Light E-150 One Intercooled Mini
Middle S28-400 Two PC-545 AmpFlow
Heavy S28-400 Two-PC680 AmplFlow

BattleKit Light Weight Robot Kits


Light Weight Kits
All the kits share the same wheels and speed reduction hardware. The light weight robot kit is the simplest and lightest possible 4-wheel-drive configuration using our custom hardware. It includes two dual-wheel drive modules, aluminum bulkheads, and a base plate. The motors are located in the center of the drive modules and each wheel has its own two-stage speed reducer. All kits have perfect left/right symmetry. The middle and heavy weights also have perfect front/rear symmetry about the robot's centerline. The light weights have a slight distinction between the front and rear because one set of wheels is mounted about 1/2" inboard of the other set. The middle and heavy weights include jack shafts to achieve symmetry but the weight of that mechanism precludes its use in our light weight kit.

The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount the speed controller, two sizes of batteries, and other components - a total of 62 holes. All the battery mounting hardware is included free of charge with the purchase of a battery with the kit.

Available options:
E-150 or S28-150 motors
Feather Pack or Intercooled batteries
Mini speed controller
AmpFlow speed controllers
High-speed gearing

Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 17.7"
Width: 15.6"
Weight Bare: 20.9 Lbs.
Weight with two E-150 motors, one Intercooled battery, Mini speed controller: 32.5 Lbs.
Visit our order page to place your order.

BattleKit Middle Weight Robot Kits

We call this a "middle weight" but there is no reason it couldn't be configured as a heavy weight. You can order this kit with up to four motors, four PC-545 batteries, and one or two speed controllers installed. If you order this configuration we will include, (free of charge), two additional internal bulkheads on which the AmpFlow controller(s) will be mounted. (You can always switch the location of the batteries and the speed controllers in any of the kits if you need the space for a different component). The middle weight configured as a heavy weight tips the scale at 114 pounds which leaves you over 100 pounds for your weapon and armor. It has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio and the small square footprint works well for a full-body spinner or other compact weapon.

Note that four motors are not required in any of our kits in order to achieve four-wheel drive. All wheels will be driven even if only two motors are installed in the kits. If you are decide to go with the E-150 economy motors, we suggest you use four of them in the middle weight.

A total of ten chains are used for power transmission and speed reduction. The ten chains have no connecting links, and they are all exactly the same length. In fact, every chain in all of our kits is the same length, (except two chains in the heavy weight). This enables us to buy these in large quantities and pass the savings on to you. All the kits also share wheels, axles, sprockets, shafts, and other hardware so we are able to pass on volume discounts on all those items.

The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount the speed controller, three sizes of batteries, and other components - a total of 84 holes. All the battery mounting hardware is included free of charge with the purchase of batteries with the kit. Order this kit with four batteries or dual speed controllers and we will include additional mounting bulkheads free of charge.

Available options:
E-150, S28-150 or S28-400 motors
PC-545, PC-680, or Intercooled batteries
AmpFlow speed controller
High-speed gearing

Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 22.4"
Width: 21.3"
Weight Bare: 29.9 Lbs.
Weight with two S28-400 motors, two PC-545 batteries, AmpFlow controller: 70 Lbs
Visit our order page to place your order.

BattleKit Heavy Weight Robot Kits

The motors in the middle and heavy weight robots are not in the center of the drive modules. In the heavy weight the motor is offset 6" from the center and the jack shaft is located with an offset of 6" in the opposite direction. The jack shaft is simply a shaft with two sprockets that runs in two ball bearings mounted in the aluminum drive module. We include the jack shaft in the design for three reasons:

1) The jack shaft enables us to offset the chain so that the front and rear wheels can be located the same distance from the centerline of the robot.

2) The motor and the jack shaft are interchangeable. If you need the space that the motor occupies for another purpose, you can swap the location of the motor with the jack shaft.

3) You can replace the jack shaft with another motor, (or we can ship it to you that way). This gives you the option of having one motor for each wheel. A drive chain still ties both motors on each side of the robot together so the power of both motors goes to both the front and rear wheels on that side. Or you can choose to remove that chain and drive each of the four wheels from its own motor.

All our four-wheel kits have four-wheel drive. This is made possible by a chain between the motor and the jack shaft that transmits power to both wheels - even in kits with only two motors. Four motors are required in the heavy weight kit if you plan to use the E-150 economy motors.

You can configure this kit as a super heavy weight (340 pound class), with four S28-400 motors, four PC-545 batteries, and dual AmpFlow controllers. It weighs 124 pounds in this configuration leaving you over 200 pounds to use for armor and weapons.

This kit can also be configured as a middle weight with two S28-400 Motors, two Intercooled batteries, and one AmpFlow controller. It weighs 67 pounds in this configuration leaving you over 53 pounds to use for armor and weapons.

The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount one or two speed controllers, three sizes of batteries, and other components - a total of 92 holes. All the battery mounting hardware is included free of charge with the purchase of batteries with the kit.

Available Options:

E-150, S28-150 or S28-400 motors
PC-545, PC-680, or Intercooled batteries
AmpFlow speed controller
High-speed gearing

Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 29.9"
Width: 24.0"
Weight Bare: 43 Lbs.
Weight with two S28-400 motors, two PC-680 batteries, AmpFlow controller: 89 Lbs

Visit our order page to place your order.

Modular Drive Units


If none of our standard sizes will do the job for you; consider using our Modular Drive Units. With these modules you can easily construct a mobile platform that is exactly the length and width you need.

Each unit is basically one half of one of our middle weight drive modules. It includes a 10.1" length of the 3/8" extruded square tubing. The tube houses a two-stage chain-and-sprocket speed reducer and a 4" wheel. It bolts right up to our E-150 motor or either of our S28 motors or you can use it with your own motor. This unit is even easier to use than a motor with a built-in gear head because our modular drive unit includes a wheel. Just bolt it in place, plug it in, and go!

You can easily mount these modules into your robot by drilling and tapping some 1/4-20 screw holes right into the 3/8" aluminum wall. Four screws should be enough to mount it to a base plate or frame. You can also mount your armor or other components directly to the module using more tapped holes. We left the hole locations up to you so that you would have maximum flexibility in mounting.

The extrusions are symmetrical so your motor can be mounted on either side. We call these "Type-A" and "Type-B". For a four-wheel drive robot, you would typically need two of each type. Just choose the types that you need on our order form. You can always reconfigure them if you change your mind.

Like all our kits, no chain tensioners are used in the modular drive units. The chains are so short, and the axle locations are machined to such tight tolerances, that chain tensioners are not required. Some chains start out slightly on the tight side but they loosen up once the chains are broken in. This is one of our key cost-cutting features in all our kits. We reduced the parts count and the cost with no impact on the ruggedness. We tried to heed the advice of Antoine de Saint-Exupery when he said "You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away." But we made sure to temper our enthusiasm for that philosophy with Albert Einstein's advice: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Reduction Ratios: These drive modules are available with either 5.6 or 3.4 to 1 reduction ratios, (the same ratios used in our kits.) The standard ratio uses sprockets with 9 and 24 teeth and the high-speed ratio uses sprockets with 13 and 21 teeth. To switch to the faster ratio you just replace the sprockets.

The following chart shows your robot's top speed at 24 Volts using various combinations of motors and reduction ratios:


Standard 5.6 Ratio High Speed 3.4 Ration
E-150, 4700 RPM 9 MPH N/A
S28-400, 4900 RPM 10 MPH 17 MPH
S28-150, 6000 RPM 12 MPH 20 MPH

The speeds in the above chart are for theoretical unloaded top speed, (the speed the wheels would spin if you held the robot off the floor). The actual speed will be 1 to 2 MPH slower, especially in the heavier weight classes.

Ten to twelve MPH is plenty fast for almost any type of combat robot so we ship all our kits with the 5.6 reduction ratio. Those who have had lots of driving practice at that speed might want to try the faster ratio so we offer a high-speed upgrade. We suggest that you try the high speed ratio in middle or heavy weight robots only if you order the four-motor kit. The modular drive units (unlike our kits), are available with the high speed ratio factory installed. Please note that our high-speed sprockets do not fit onto the 12mm shaft of the E-150 motors.

Available options:
E-150, S28-150 or S28-400 motors High-speed gearing
Ships fully assembled with 5.6 or 3.4 reduction ratio
Length: 10.5"
Weight Bare: 5.1 Lbs.
Weight with E-150 motor: 8.5 Lbs
Visit our order page to place your order.



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