Robot Kits! Many New Kits Just Added! Learn how to make a robot! We have more robot kits than anyone! We carry robotic kits from OWI, CIC, Solarbotics, Parallax, Ibotz, Microbric, BattleKit, Robotis, Elenco, Velleman and more! We have chosen several of the top rated robotic kits that you can build yourself including many that have won awards from Dr. Toy and ASTRA.  Each robot kit features either pre-assembled or unassembled (soldering required) PC boards, hardware and mechanical-drive systems that can be handled by almost anyone from ages 8 and up.  Only basic hand tools are required for assembly.  These fascinating robotic kits allow you to experience and learn any one of the following features: sound sensor, remote control, infrared sensor, wired control and or programmable memory.  Please see our line of high-end programmable robotic kits for educators and advanced enthusiasts.  Educators - please call us for quantity discounts at 866-664-0627 or fill out this discount request form.

Jr. Level Robot Kits Beginner Level Robot Kits Intermediate Level Robot Kits NEW! Solarbotics Robot Kits Intro Soldering Robot Kits Advanced Soldering Robot Kits  Programmable Robot Kits




JR. BEGINNER LEVEL ROBOT KITS- For experimenters with limited or no experience in assembling robotic kits. (Ages 8 and up, Soldering Not Required)

Robot Kit - Mini Solar Race Car CK21671 - Mini Solar Race Car Kit  $8.95
Robotic Kit - Solar Grasshopper CK21670 - Solar Grasshopper Robot Kit $8.95
Robot Kit - Solar Hopping Frog CK21672 - Solar Hopping Frog Kit $11.95

BEGINNER LEVEL ROBOT KITS- For experimenters with limited experience in assembling robotic kits. (Ages 8 and up, Soldering Not Required)

OWI-MSK680 - Solar Bullet Train Mini Solar Kit Sale! $9.95
OWI750 - Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit Sale! $11.95
OWI630 - OWI Eco Biker Wind Powered LED Light Kit Sale! $11.95
Robotic Kit - Solar Walking Spider CK21669 - Mini Solar Spider Robot Kit $11.95
Robot Kit - Solar Inchworm CK21673 - Solar Inchworm Robot Kit $11.95
OWI-MSK677 - Solar Powered Flapping Seagull Kit Sale! $11.95
OWI751 - Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnid Spider Kit Sale! $13.95
OWI-MSK674 - Sonic F1 Solar Race Car Kit - Buy 2 and have a race! Sale! $13.95
OWI-MSK675 - Peppy Orangutan Robot Kit Sale! 13.95
OWI-MSK614 - T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit Sale! $15.95
OWI-MSK613 - 3 in 1 Solar Stallion Robot Kit Sale! $15.95
OWI-MSK610 - 6 In 1 Solar Educational Robot Kit Sale! $16.95
CK21890 - Line Tracking Robot Kit $17.95
Robot Kit - solar worm kit CK21650 - Solar Worm Robot Kit $17.95
Robot Kit - Solar Astronaut CK21665 - Solar Astronaut Robot Kit  $17.95
Robot Kit - Solar F1 Race Car CK21667 - Solar F1 Racer  $17.95




OWI752 - Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit Sale!


Robot Kit - owi jungle robot OWI9870 - Jungle Robot Kit   $24.95
CK21887 - Follow Me Sound Sensing Robot Kit $21.95
OWI969 - OWI Hyper Peppy Robot Kit   $28.95
Robot Kit - Remote Control Car Kit AK870 - Remote Control Car Kit $28.95
EDU62019 - Tumbling Robot Kit Sale!


binary player robot OWI9875 - Binary Player Robot  $29.95
OWIMSK615 - Educational 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit   $32.95

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL ROBOT KITS - Experimenters with some experience assembling robot kits with small parts. (Ages 10 and up, Soldering NOT Required)

OWI-MSK676 - Solar-Powered Aerial Cable Car Kit Sale! $15.95
Titan Tank Robot Educational Robotic Kit CK21531N - Titan Tank Wireless Remote Control Robot Kit - Up to 4 tanks can battle at once! Sale! $29.95
Robot Kit - moon walker robot MV979 - Moon Walker II Robot Kit $34.95
Robot Kit - Space Nine Crab Robot Kit CK21532 - Space Nine Infrared Remote Control Robot Kit $34.95
OWI535 - OWI Low Cost Robotic Arm EDGE Trainer Sale! $47.95
OWI535USB - USB Interface and Software for OWI535 Sale! $28.95
OWI536 - OWI ATR 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit Sale! $39.95
CK21534N - Beetle Robot Kit Sale! $54.95
SCROV-10 - Snap Circuits Remote Control Rover Kit Sale! $59.95
SCROV-50 - DELUXE Snap Circuits Remote Control Rover Kit Sale! $79.95

INTRO SOLDERING ROBOT KITS - is for experimenters with some soldering experience and familiar with working with small parts. (Soldering Required Ages 12 and Up)

Learn to Solder Kit AK100 - Learn to Solder Kit  $19.95
Robotic Kit - Sound Reversing Robot Kit CK21881 - Sound Reversing Car Kit $17.95
CK21880 - Turning Frog Robot Kit Sale! $19.95
Robot Kit - Scarab Robot Kit CK21884 - Scarab Robot Kit - Touch Sensors! $24.95
Robotic Kit - Ladybug Robot Kit CK21885 - Lady Bug Robot Kit $19.95
Robotic Kit - Escape Robot Kit CK21886 - Escape Robot Kit - Infrared Sensors! $24.95
Robot Kit - OWI weasel solder OWI991K - Weasel Robot Kit (Beginner Soldering) $22.95
CK21880 - Line Tracking Mouse Robot Kit (Beginner Soldering) Sale! $29.95
Robotic Kit - Velleman Microbug VEMK165 - Crawling Microbug Robot Kit (Beginner Soldering) $29.95

 SOLARBOTICS - New! Solarbotics BEAM Robot Kits (Soldering Required Ages 12 and up)

SOL-KSS - Solarbotics SolarSpeeder Solaroller Kit - The SolarSpeeder is a very quick Solaroller that can cover 3 meters (10 feet) in under 40 seconds in direct sunlight.


SOL-KHM - Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot Kit - is a very quick, easy-to-build, light-chasing robot kit with functional whisker and tail sensors.


SOL-KPP - Solarbotics PhotoPopper Photovore Kit - a solar-powered, light-seeking, obstacle-avoiding robot!


SOL-KTB - Solarbotics Turbot Kit - the Velociraptor of the Robot Jurassic Park! Full body tumbling gets this aggressive robot over all sorts of terrain on its search for light!


SOL-KSV - Solarbotics Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit -  a strong, modular design with over 500 man-hours of development and 21 prototypes behind it. It has more power, speed, and is less expensive than the Junun Mark III, Parallax Mini-Sumo, and Tab SumoBot.


ADVANCED SOLDERING ROBOT KITS - For the experienced experimenter. Advanced robotic kits require planning, soldering and assembly of small parts. (Ages 12 to Adult)


PROGRAMMABLE ROBOT KITS  - For the experienced experimenter. These robot kits require a PC and programming and assembly of small parts. (Ages 12 to Adult)

OWI535 - OWI Low Cost Robotic Arm EDGE Trainer Kit Sale! $47.95
Parallax Boe-Bot Programmable Robot Kit PX28832 - Parallax Boe-Bot Programmable Robot Kit



BIOLOID - Beginner Robot Kit - Build many types of robots using programmable servo building blocks - Awesome kit! $349.00
Robot Kit - Robotis Bioloid Humanoid Robot Kit BIOLOID - Comprehensive Robotic Kit - Build many types of robots using programmable servo building blocks - WOW! $899.00
BIOLOID PREMIUM KIT - For educators and universities, includes wireless communications, extra sensors, camera and more! $1,199.00


solar battery replacement OWI608 - Solar Battery $17.95
Robot Building For Dummies $24.95
EXP535 - OWI535 Edge Robotic Arm Experiment Curriculum CD Sale! $19.95
OWI535USB - USB Interface and Software for OWI535 Sale! $28.95

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BIOLOID Humanoid Robot - all versions - WOW!

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6 in 1 Solar Educational Kit - Sale - $16.95


OWI535 Low Cost Robotic Arm Trainer - NEW!

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